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Why Waterless Urinals With Us?

It’s simple, we have the best and most advanced Waterless Urinal system in the UK today. Not only does it actually work, we offer a complete service solution. Read more below…


Not only do standard water based urinals cost in excess of £1 per day in water alone, they also cost time and money in excessive maintenance. We are completely waterless and perform all the maintenance.


We remove all the existing pipework and replace with our own unique pipes.


Could not be easier. There are also no added costs as all our cleaning solution is included.

Service Guarantee

With the backing of WhiffAway, there is the assurance you are using a system that is designed by the inventors of the original waterless urinal in 1993, also the world’s first retro-fit.


We do not rely on any external help. The entire process is controlled from start to finish including survey, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance.

Improved Hygiene

With the dual patented Water-Warrior system, odours are controlled both above and below the bowl. Reduced blockages due to water also mean the bathrooms are more hygienic.


Not only does the retro-fit solution keep the costs down, but our monthly pricing is unrivalled.

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