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Dual Flush Toilets
Upgrade commercial washrooms with water-efficient dual flush toilets. The system balances sustainability with significant cost savings by reducing water usage without compromising hygiene or performance. 

Explore How Much You Could Save

How Dual Flush Toilets Work
Two-Section Cistern
Propelair® features industry leading technology that has a cistern with separate sections for air and water. 
Efficient Flush Process
The lid seals before flushing and, when activated, water washes the pan, followed by air from a patented pump, ensuring a powerful, reliable flush.
Quick Reset
After flushing, the remaining water fills the trap. The flush is completed in 3 seconds and the toilet is ready for another flush in 20-30 seconds.
propelair dual flush water saving toilet
Dual Flush Toilet Case Studies

Oracle Shopping Centre


Net Saving per annum:

Net Cost Saving - 


Annual Water Saving - 

3,662,568 litres

Annual CO2 Reduction per annum - 

3,757 kg

Payback period - 

3.7 years

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