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Water Rebates
Our dedicated auditing team specialise in navigating intricate water price structures during negotiations with water and sewerage companies. Assisting businesses recover overpayments and establishing favorable rates

Explore How Much You Could Save

How Water Rebates Work
Simplified Water Refunds
At Elemental Sustainability Group, we simplify the water refund process by engaging directly with your water supplier.
Forensic Examination for Savings
Our thorough examination of your 7-year water history uncovers overcharges, leaks and incorrect tariffs.
Efficiency and Sustainability
We handle all communication with the water company, securing rebates and optimising water usage for immediate and future savings, ensuring a sustainable financial impact.
Water Rebate Case Studies



Savings in Excess of:

Our Team were commissioned to carry out a multi site water audit across the UK with the primary aim of water cost reduction whilst ensuring we were saving water in the chosen facilities. To date, with our detailed advice on future procurement strategy and over-payment recovery, we were able to provide the NHS with a combined group saving of over £1,000,000.

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