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Health and Safety
Transform your workplace safety culture with software that improves the well-being of your employees. Elevating the performance of the business, enabling you to maintain your insurance premiums.
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Safety Culture Software

Safe365 provides intelligent workplace health and safety software that enables businesses to assess, manage and improve their safety culture, enabling you to maintain your insurance premiums.









From Compliance to Proactive Governance

ESG and Safe365 are transforming the health and safety practices of businesses globally, with a suite of innovative tech solutions and insights that enable stronger leadership, culture and decision making.

Embed Health and Safety in your company DNA.

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Assess and Diagnose

Complete a self-assessment to get your safety index score and see where you stand. Understand where your areas of exposure are (mapped against legislation and ISO standards) and establish a clear view of the progress needed to improve your score.


In partnership with ESG, Safe365 is scalable to organisations of all sizes and industries. Today, over 8,500 organisations have used Safe365 to help them achieve a more aware, enabled and effective approach to health, safety and wellbeing.

Our staff feel more engaged when they have a health and safety system that actually means something to them on a daily basis, rather than just knowing there’s a procedure that sits on our server, but doesn’t really apply to them. This engagement in the health and safety system goes across all of our business and ultimately lifts business performance.

Arjo - Medical Devices & Solutions

Anthony Blyth - Managing Director

The biggest challenge is knowing what to do and what is needed to ensure we’re compliant across the board. We had no idea when we started out how in-depth we needed to be and having the guidance and support behind the software has made it so much easier for us to facilitate.

Buses 4 Homeless

Dan Atkins - Founder

12 months ago we had a Safety Index rating of 67%. Our KPI was to increase that to 75% this year, and next year we’re looking at getting into the top tier of organisations who have the best health and safety practices. Safe365 encourages you to do better. It's easy to see where you are now, and what you need to focus on to improve your health and safety rating.

Tourism Bay of Plenty

Kristen Dunn - Former Chief Executive

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