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How do you clean waterless urinals?

I’ve heard they are hard to clean. Is this true?

It is a much construed myth that Waterless Urinals smell and are hard to keep clean. This is something that veteran Facilities Managers say. It is actually nothing to do with the cleaning, it’s the fact they simply do not like to change their ways. Cleaners are the same, they would all still be using harmful bleaches and chemicals if they could.

Waterless urinals are actually far easier to clean than standard water based urinals. With our system, we even include all the green enzyme based cleaning solution for you to use. This solution, unlike other agents cleaners use, actually works to combat the uric salts, reducing buildup in the pipes. It also counteracts odours on its own (which is perfect for the floor and surrounding surfaces) and works directly with our patented cartridge.

Daily Clean

We recommend a standard daily clean (or as often as you clean your bathrooms) and then a slightly more thorough and deeper weekly clean.

The daily clean is very straightforward and takes around 1 minute per urinal. Using the cleaning solution we have provided:

  1. Pour 3 measures of the solution in the spray bottle and fill with water;

  2. Remove any obvious debris (hair, gum etc) from the urinal bowl;

  3. Spray around the urinal bowl and surrounding areas including the floor below;

  4. Wipe away any excess; and

  5. Spray 4 to 6 squirts around the cartridge.


Weekly Clean

The weekly clean adds a couple of extra steps. Before carrying out the daily clean:

  1. Lift the cartridge straight up;

  2. Remove any obvious debris (hair, gum etc) from outlet and clean with a pan brush;

  3. Flush a bucket of water with one 15ml measure of our cleaning solution down each urinals; and

  4. Replace the cartridge and follow the daily clean regime.

When combined with our quarterly PPM services, this provides trouble free, water free urinals.


Please email us HERE to request a copy of our detailed cleaning instructions which are available in a multitude of different languages should you require.


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